introducing mathematical models


If you don't follow @thestemsquad on Instagram, you should. It's truly amazing to see the work that these #physicists#computerscientists#astronomers#neuroscientists#marinebiologists#engineers#biochemists, and other #womaninstem are doing to help make our world a better place. 

However, I've always felt that math needed some Instagram love too 😢. Why was it so hard to find Instagram accounts about math? Then, it finally hit me. I had been seeing posts of scientists analyzing data, running statistical reports, and creating #mathematicalmodels for their work 😉. Through this, I am reminded of the very reason I started my Instagram: to show that math is EVERYWHERE and integrated into everything we do. Like beauty and brains, science and math are not mutually exclusive, and it's awesome to see how these #womeninstem are doing it all.

I then had this idea to create a #blog featuring women in STEM, asking how they use MATH in their work or their studies. These women will be called #mathematicalmodels, obviously. The goal of the blog is to provide young women with positive (mathematical) role models, bust the myth that the math you learn in school is "never used" in real life, and to show young students interested in math and/or science the endless options of career opportunities open to them. I remember when I was a math major in college: I chose a major that I was passionate about, but had no idea what I would do with math degree. Please share these posts with any students you think would be interested. Math teachers, you now have an answer to the same question you get every day: "When are we ever gonna use this stuff?!" Stay tuned for some featured #mathematicalmodels coming up soon!