cookin' up chemistry with calculations

Why is math important for chemists? Math is used in EVERY DAY in lab life! Scientists use math every time they set up reactions. It's especially important for medicinal chemists when they are trying to figure out different dilution equations for compounds. Let's hear more about how chemists uses math from Leah, a PhD Researcher + organic and medicinal chemist!



For me, I rely on math pretty heavily after I synthesize my final molecules -- because I get to test them in various biological assays and see how they function within a cellular environment.

Although this is one of the more fun parts of my projects -- getting data and thinking more about the bigger picture -- it takes a good understanding of math to ensure all of the experiments go accordingly. 

In the beginning, it was so easy for me to get confused when I would go to make stock solutions that have to be a final concentration once diluted, etc. It took repetitive calculations and working out equations to fully understand what I was doing to then be able to teach others. 

I think it is important to emphasize that organic/medicinal chemistry isn’t always just cookin’ up drugs in the hood -- there’s also a lot of behind the scenes work, planning, calculations, etc to make sure experiments go as planned. 

So shout out to @mathematicalmodels and all the mathematicians/ mathletes out there, I envy how quick you all can crunch numbers!

Leah explains that the math used in the lab can be a huge learning curve for some organic chemists. This goes to show that math is completely ingrained in science, and that precision with calculations is crucial when it comes to chemistry! You can follow Leah's journey on Instagram @leahthechemist as she completes her PhD in Chemistry! She posts snippets of her work in the lab where she's mixing things up...literally!